Pet Allergies - Simple Treatments For Sufferers

We often associate allergies with pollen, weed and grass. But most allergy sufferers are allergic to all kinds of allergens, including pets. People who are allergic to pets should know that there are methods to combat pet dander and allergens.

Do dogs and cats with less hair mean that it would be better for sufferers? Not necessarily. The pet protein found in saliva, dander and even urine, could travel through the air just like other allergens. In fact, the protein particles can land anywhere that can cause a reaction like pollen. Pet saliva, urine and dander can be found on almost any pet. How much hair on a pet has no bearing on the allergies.

You may want to consider keeping the pet outside most of the day. For pet owners with allergies, it’s the amount of time spent indoors that matters. Keeping the pet outdoors may help someone with the amount of exposure to pet allergens and also allows pets to enjoy outside exposure.

If you cannot keep the pet outside, the next best thing is to keep it away from the bedroom. It’s the bedroom where you spend the most time. Having the pet outside of the room provides a better environment for your sleep.

Pet beds are places where a dog or cat may spend the most time. As with any bed, dander and pet allergens can accumulate. The best way to lessen the allergic effects of pet beds is to simply wash it. There are even pet bed cleaners that can aid the effects of the pet allergens. The key is to make sure that the bed remains washed on a regular basis.

Vacuuming the carpets may not reduce pet allergens. Oddly enough, a normal vacuum cleaner might contribute more to someone’s allergies by kicking off dander and other allergens from the bottom of the carpet. To reduce the effects of pet allergens, use a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner. Anti-allergen solutions are available if you don’t have a HEPA vacuum. These solutions could be used on carpets to eliminate dander.

Pet stores also have wipes or shampoos that can reduce pet allergens. There are countless of pet allergen products too that can make living with a pet easier. Talk to your store for advice.

Air purifiers in the household can not only filter dander, but other allergens that may worsen allergic symptoms. Consider getting a purifier for the bedroom first and then other commonly used rooms from your home.

Washing a pet too can lessen allergens. The process in itself can wash away dander and other protein found from pets. Also, pet stores may have shampoos specifically used to treat allergens.

Like treating regular allergies, you can also take over-the-counter or prescribed drugs. Antihistamines can block leukotrienes, which causes inflammation and other symptoms of allergies. Consult with a doctor for the right medicine for you.

The surest way to prevent pet allergies is to not be in contact with pets at all. However, for most of us that’s not an option. The steps here are just a few ways to help allergy sufferers. Starting with one of them will help you go a long way.
Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Allergies

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