Prevent Dust Allergies by use Air Humidifiers

Prevent Dust Allergies by use Air Humidifiers
If you suffer from dust allergies or particles in dust such as dust mites and bacteria, a air humidifiers may be solution for you to prevent from allergies.

Everyday you spend a lot of time in air conditioned rooms or offices where collection of dust that a reason why people seem to fall ill such as coughs and colds.

Air humidifiers will add moisture into the air in your rooms or offices, it can hugely help to solve cause of the air dry problem from the air condition.

Air humidifiers are extremely cheap nowadays with the advancement of technology, and are now a very cost effective way of improving your health.

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The link between IBS and allergies

The link between IBS and allergies
Author: dave mcevoy

Despite the fact that IBS is the most common gastro-intestinal disorder seen by gastroenterologists today, very little is actually known about what causes it. Recently, however, researchers at Rush university in Chicago discovered that a significant number of people with allergic or atopic conditions such as rhinitis, asthma and eczema also have symptoms of IBS and found a clear link between IBS and allergies. This of course could have implications in the future regarding possible treatment options for IBS.

The study

The Chicago study led by Dr Mary C. Tobin and her colleagues involving 125 adults found that the prevalence of IBS was higher in those with seasonal rhinitis (2.67 times) and atopic eczema (3.85 times) and 12 out of 41 of the patients had both asthma and IBS. Tobin et al found a clear link between Atopy and IBS in this study and concluded that people in this sub group of IBS, or those who have atopic IBS should be differentiated from those with non-atopic IBS due to the fact that they could have "distinct pathophysiologic features that could benefit from specific therapeutic interventions". This means that those with atopic IBS could perhaps find more relief by having treatment plans formulated that take into consideration other factors related to their allergies as well as their IBS symptoms.

What is IBS?

IBS is not a disease and is better described as a collection of symptoms which include abdominal pain and bloating along with abnormal bowel movements resulting in diarrhoea, constipation or both. Other symptoms can include excessive flatulence (wind), mucous in the stools, a sense of urgency and straining whilst trying to perform a bowel movement. What makes IBS difficult to treat is that no two people will present with exactly the same symptoms or degree of severity, making any effective treatment plan for IBS quite complex and more a process of trying various options to see what works.

Also, rather than there being one single identifiable cause of irritable bowel syndrome; it would appear instead that many factors are involved which can include the likes of food intolerances, bacterial overgrowth, enzyme deficiencies, lifestyle and stress. Although stress itself doesn't cause IBS it can make the symptoms of IBS much worse. What is known about IBS is that there is no cure and no single treatment plan that is suitable for all IBS sufferers.

Approximately 20% or 1 in 5 of the UK population suffers from IBS although this figure could be higher. In the past there were some difficulties associated with diagnosing IBS as up until very recently, IBS was only diagnosed when all other possible conditions had been ruled out, which takes time. Also, many people, particularly those with milder symptoms, may not seek help for their symptoms so are likely go undiagnosed.

Many previous studies have shown that exposure to certain allergens can produce symptoms of IBS in some people but if, as this latest study suggests, there is a clear link between IBS symptoms and atopic allergies, then this could open the door for new ways of treating at least some groups of people with IBS.

What is meant by Atopic IBS?

Atopy is a term used to describe conditions that arise as a result of an allergic reaction such as asthma, atopic eczema, atopic dermatitis and hay fever, so people with atopic IBS are those with symptoms of IBS who also have one or more co-existent allergic conditions. It is believed that around 15% of the population suffer from atopic conditions.

Why is there a link Between IBS and Allergies?

No one really knows why although it is thought that mast cells in the gut may be activated by allergens and set off the symptoms of IBS. Many people have found that by eliminating food that triggers their IBS they can obtain a significant amount of relief. Also, some people when taking antihistamines to treat their allergic conditions have also found that their IBS symptoms ease off at the same time.

Currently, treatment for IBS involves finding ways of dealing with the symptoms, which basically means diet and lifestyle changes along with anti-diarrhoeal agents for diarrhoea, laxatives for constipation, painkillers for pain and even low dose antidepressants to promote normal bowel movements. Non-drug treatments for IBS include probiotics, herbal remedies and various supplements and digestive aids. The identification of a link between allergies and IBS could perhaps pave the way for more effective forms of treatment for IBS sufferers who are also suffering from allergic conditions. No doubt future research will reveal more.

The author- Dave McEvoy is an award winning personal trainer with over 20 years experience; he has also suffered from IBS for 15 years. For more information please come a visit our site.

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Natural Remedy For Allergy

Natural Remedy For Allergy
Allergy is a chronic disease which occurs when the immune system of the body does not destroy the invaders who enter into the body. This if not treated at its initial stage then it paves a way to other chronic disease.

When the immune system of body overreacts to a normally harmless substance or realizes anything as foreign to the body. The antibodies which are present in body attacks these invaders and tries to suppress the invader. The inflammation which causes is called allergy.

Having healthy environment keeps you away from allergy. The environment which is filled with the dust is the dominant factor for allergy. By keeping the home surroundings clean we can prevent the allergy as it is one of the basic things which we can do to be away from it.

There are number of allergies like food allergy, skin allergy, indoor allergy, outdoor allergy, chemical allergy, common allergy, canine allergy, seasonal allergy, drug allergy, hay fever, eye allergy, nasal allergy and many more.

As allergy can happen through allopathic medications also many prefer natural medications as they act as adrenal support and review the best vitamins, mineral and herbs for fighting allergies. The natural allergy relief can be a powerful method of strengthening the immune system as it has the power of minimizing the allergy symptoms and obtaining relief. It has also proven to be quick, reliable and very effective.

The natural remedies are many and they are easily available without any prescription. But it is a urge need to have precautions by the consultation of the doctor before taking the alternative medicines.

Some of the primary symptoms of allergy are coughing, sneezing, wheezing, runny nose and many. These can be prevented by herbal medicines also. Like having garlic and onion in food keeps you a bit away from allergy. Quercitin is also one of the remedy for keeping away allergy. It is also needed that you should have a little observations on the food you intake. That is should not take the food which may keep you again stick on to allergies like wheat, tomatoes, peanuts, and others. This should be remembered that consuming the same food may lead you to allergy if it is consumed frequently.

There should be little observation in the living environment also as it may also be one of the reason for allergy. The place where we are living and working should be away from dust. Should keep the carpet and the bed clean without dust on it. Should be away with the animals who have fur skin which is also one of the causes for allergy. Should try to use the air filters and dehumidifiers which may keep you away from the dust and tiny particles.

The best way to keep healthy is:

• to have a daily exercise

• Have a morning walk or jog

• have a habit of doing yoga

• eating healthy food(dietary supplements)

• keeping away from the junk foods

• have a limit on the things which harm us

• taking preventive measures at its initial stage

• not neglecting at the symptoms

• inhaling fresh air

• keeping the surrounding healthy

There must be a remedy to each and every disease in the same way here we at our center treat you with the herbal medications which are natural to cure the allergy without any side effects. We treat you on the basis of your condition of allergy and make you free from it. To stress it again do not neglect the allergy by just saying it cures slowly but it may bring you to the incurable diseases or even to death. So, get treated when you see a symptom has occurred in you.

New allergy natural treatment…herbs and nutrition’s are batter and safe cure for allergy these are the no side effect and no risk ness treatment for allergy
About the Author
Dr. Jack is a Conventionally Trained Western Medical Doctor from India and fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). For more information contact: view patient videos cure by herbal and natural supplements:

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Common Allergy Symptoms and Treatment Options

Common Allergy Symptoms and Treatment Options
Allergies affect a huge percentage of adults and children in the United States. They are considered the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in this country. The symptoms can lead to productivity loss and extended sick time taken from work or school.

If you struggle from an allergy, you may find symptoms getting in the way of your daily schedule. This causes you to miss doing things you enjoy.

Fear not! There is some good news. Many options are now available for you and with your doctor's help; your life can become more symptom-free.

Allergies occur when the body's immune system perceives a harmless substance as one that is harmful. When the body contacts with this substance, it will produce a large number of immunoglobulin E. These antibodies make the body release chemicals such as histamine that result in itching, swelling, and tightening of airways.

Symptoms that you encounter due to this biological process can include: watery eyes, runny nose, hives, and coughing. In severe cases, the symptoms can produce difficulty breathing and dizziness. In some cases, if the symptoms can be life-threatening and this rare reaction is called anaphylaxis, which requires immediate emergency medical care.

There are various items that a person can have an allergic reaction to. Hay fever is caused by a reaction to pollen, and can be either seasonal or year-round. This will depend on what you are allergic to. Another common source is dust mites, which live in household dust and other fibers in common household objects.

Mold, latex, and food are some other sources of allergies. Most people suffer form one or two allergens, while yet others have many symptoms from a number of culprits.

An individual has a greater chance of having an allergy, if either parent or both suffered from allergies. If you have another chronic condition such as eczema or asthma, the greater your chances. When your immune system is weakened you also stand a greater chance of develop an allergy.

Although many complain of allergies, there are various numbers of treatments readily available. Among the treatments available to sufferers, antihistamines, decongestants, or nasal sprays may be just the thing to relieve your symptoms. However, sometimes, these are not quite the thing you may need. Oftentimes, you may need something stronger to help you. Your doctor may have to place you on a regime of immunotherapy, also known as allergy shots. With this treatment, you may experience more symptom-free days. Speak to your doctor about the course of treatment right for you.

Visit us for more information on how to diagnose allergy symptoms, allergies and children and understanding allergies.

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Possible Peanut Allergy Cure on the Horizon

Possible Peanut Allergy Cure on the Horizon
Source by Foxnews

Researchers at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C., are hoping a form of immunotherapy that eradicates peanut allergies will be available within five years, according to an article recently published in The

This is important because 12 million Americans suffer from food allergies, said Dr. Clifford Bassett, vice chair of the Public Education Committee of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

“Throughout the world, food allergies are doubling,” Bassett said. “And, it’s a very serious condition that’s here to stay.”

Bassett said he is “gratified” to know that a form of immunotherapy for peanut allergies was on the horizon because the condition can be life-threatening.

“We’re trying to take the risk down to zero,” Bassett said. “Right now, the primary approach is education and awareness.

"Children and adults should be tested for food allergies, especially if there is a medical history of the condition," Bassett added.

Because an immunotherapy approach is not yet available, Bassett said patients should have an emergency plan in place in case they come into contact with a food they are allergic to.

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Passion fruit peel relief’ for asthmatics

Passion fruit peel relief’ for asthmatics

Source by Daily Mirror

Passion fruit peel can "significantly" improve the symptoms of asthma, a study has claimed.

Scientists tested the peel in powder form on a group of asthmatics and found after four weeks it cured breathlessness in 90 per cent and cut wheezing in about 80 per cent.

The skin of the fruit is high in chemical compounds and antioxidants which cut blood pressure.

There are 400million asthma sufferers in the world.

Study leaders at the University of Arizona with Mashhad Medical University in Iran, said: "It may be a valuable supplement in management of asthma."

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Does Asthma Increase Adult Suicide Risk?

Does Asthma Increase Adult Suicide Risk?

CBS News, NY

The study appears in the May issue of the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Allergy and asthma specialist Richard A. Nicklas, MD, of the George ...


[Source : Google News]

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A Remedy For Seasonal Allergies

A Remedy For Seasonal Allergies
Are you one of the millions that suffer from allergies? Are you looking for information on allergy remedies? If you are a chronic victim of the distressing effects of allergies then it’s high time you found an effective allergy remedy. There are several allergy remedy medications available on the market.

In order to effectively treat your allergies, you need to find the allergy remedy most aligned with your symptoms and needs. You have several avenues to choose from when searching for an allergy remedy. These avenues include: home remedies, allergy medication, environmental modifications, and a consultation with an Allergist.

Let’s start with home remedies. Home allergy remedies were used before allergy medications surfaced on the medical scene. Be wary of many home remedies. Many of these remedies are based on “old wives tales”.

However, there are some steps you can take at home that do work. For example, if you have an allergy to pollen you can minimize its effects by washing your clothing and hair when come home. Make sure to do this before you go to bed, so that you won’t spread any of the pollen onto your bedding.

Allergy medications are a wonderful allergy remedy. You can use over the counter antihistamine pills, lotions, and ointments. If you have a chronic allergy you can consult your physician for a stronger prescription allergy remedy. Nasal sprays are also a great tool against allergies. They act as a direct allergy remedy to your nasal passageways.

There are a few environmental modifications you can make as an allergy remedy. Wash bedding in hot water to remove dust mites. Use mattress and pillow covers to fight against dust mites. Keep your home clean and carpets vacuumed.

If you have severe allergies that can’t be managed with basic allergy remedies then head to your physician or allergist. They can take you through a series of allergy testing and provide the best treatment options for your situation. This may involve removing the allergy culprit from your environment, food plate, or clothing drawer. They can provide prescription allergy medication to knock your allergy out cold.

Mark is an avid researcher who often researches medical conditions. He can be found online at

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