The Main Causes of Skin Allergy

Skin allergy is in fact a reaction that appears soon after making contact with an allergen. Another common name for this condition is dermatitis. In some cases, it has been reported to have very serious symptoms. The area that is affected by the skin allergy differs from one patient to another. While some persons experience an itch all over the body, others say that skin allergy is observable only on a limited area of their body. When this health condition affects the entire body, people become unable to work.

Sometimes, the element that causes the allergic reaction is unknown. This is why people are recommended to look for medical advice as soon as they manifest any of the symptoms. The doctors perform the diagnosis, which usually consists of two tests, and prescribe the treatment that suits best. The diagnosis resumes to a skin prick test and to a blood test. The treatment that is prescribed by the doctor depends very much on the severity of the symptoms.

Skin allergy has been discovered to be caused by more than 70 allergens. However, ten of them, which are described below, represent the cause of the majority of the cases. Nickel, also known as nickel sulfate hexahydrate, which is commonly used in jewelry, is considered to be the main factor to cause skin allergy. This metal is also used in buttons for clothes. Gold, also known as gold sodium thiosulfate, is used by jewelry manufacturers. The third major cause of this health condition is Balsam of Peru.

This chemical substance is extensively used in the composition of many perfumes and cosmetic products. It is obtained from resin. Thimerosal, a substance that is based on mercury, is found in local antiseptics and in some vaccines. Neomycin sulfate is an antibiotic found in the composition of most first aid lotions. In addition, it is used by the cosmetic products makers. Certain insecticides, antiseptics, fragrances and soaps are also known to contain neomycin. Formaldehyde, the next risk factor, is used in many domains. It is typically found in paper, paints, and cosmetics and even in the composition of several medicines. Cobalt chloride, bacitracin and quaternium 15 occupy the last three positions in this top.

When a person is discovered to have a skin allergy, the best way to treat this condition is to minimize the exposure to allergens. If this is not possible, then people are recommended to try antihistamines, decongestants, nasal sprays and in certain cases, even immunotherapy.

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