Review Of Austin Hepa Allergy Machine

Review Of Austin Hepa Allergy Machine
Different people buy air purifiers for different reasons. Yes the primary reason would always be to breathe healthier air, but some might need a device which will protect him from aggravating his asthma situation while others might buy it to protect themselves from contaminated diseases. There are those who are severely allergic and they also can benefit from having an air purifier.

Manufacturers have identified this need based buying pattern and are now positioning their models to address particular needs. While some claim complete defense against bacterial threats there are others which are dedicated to clean those impurities which might aggravate someone’s allergic reactions. The Austin HEPA Allergy Machine, as its name suggest is built to tackle the problem of allergens.

The impurities in air against which the Austin HEPA Allergy Machine is particularly effective are allergens, odors and smoke. The purifier is built to handle large areas and is effective over an area of 1500 sq. ft. This would mean that a single unit would be good enough to handle the air of an entire floor, if the house is not particularly spread out.

The Austin HEPA Allergy Machine uses military carbon cloth for its filter. This helps to keep the device light and portable. It also comes with wheels so you can just push it around the room you need it to be in. this portability is a definite plus for the Austin HEPA Allergy Machine.

If your main source of problem is non-smoke related allergens, then Austin HEPA Allergy Machine is a perfect solution for you. Its pre-filters are washable, or if you want you can vacuum them also to save yourself trouble. The main HEPA filter comes with a 5 year pro-rated manufacturer’s warranty. For your initial purchase you will get the filters included with the unit. The HEPA and the carbon cloth filter technology allows the Austin HEPA Allergy Machine to be quite successful in its job of controlling odors, mold spores, pollen pet dander, light tobacco smoke and dust mites.

The device comes with three fan speeds to allow you adjust the speed as per your requirement. Since the HEPA filter needs to be replaced only after 2-5 years, the cost of maintenance goes down significantly and you can actually budget for the filters over a considerable period of time.

With an all-steel design and powder-coated paint that does not give off gas the Austin HEPA Allergy Machine is also great to look at.

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