Yoga Poses That Might Provide Natural Allergy Relief

Yoga Poses That Might Provide Natural Allergy Relief

Can Yoga Provide Natural Allergy Relief ?

Most people think of herbal supplements when they are searching for natural allergy relief, but yoga might help. Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise and has been practiced for thousands of years in India and other areas of the east. Yoga is becoming more popular in the west for those who are looking for ways to manage stress. Though some poses are hard to learn yoga is low impact and can be performed by anyone. Some yoga poses could even benefit allergy sufferers.

Many people who suffer from allergies find it very difficult to do any exercise in particular those which are aerobic, do to shortness of breath and congestion. Obviously if you are very sick and weak you should not be doing any exercise even yoga. The best thing to do is get plenty of rest and allow your immune system to recover if your that sick. Always ask your doctor about any exercise program you plan to pursue.

Yoga Poses Recommended For Natural Allergy Relief

If you are doing yoga for the very first time don't worry if you can't get a pose exactly right, it takes time for your bodies muscles to learn some poses. You should do them as complete as you can and try to get the spirit of the movement. Never keep doing anything that causes you pain.

Fish Pose is not very difficult for beginners to learn. Its stretches the lungs and is said to be good for congestion.

Fire breathing is beneficial because it massages and relaxes the respiratory system, relieving the pressure that is caused by allergy symptoms. Fire breathing might take a little more time to learn as the rhythm of the breathing takes practice.

If you want to see how these moves are done and make sure you are doing them correctly you can watch a free video at Natural Allergy Relief. Its always better to see something demonstrated than to try and do it from reading a set of instructions. Its important to see the pose done correctly to be able to perform it right and get the benefit from it.

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