Natural Allergy Treatment; Just Wishful Thinking

Natural Allergy Treatment; Just Wishful Thinking
More and more attention is being focused on a natural allergy treatment for a lot of us because of how prescriptions can cause other health problems. It seems that allergies are affecting a growing number of people each year similar to the growth rate of serious diseases like those plaguing our nation now. Luckily there is an remarkable allergy treatment found in a natural botanical.

This botanical reaches into numerous areas of your body and targets whatever needs the most attention, while correcting allergy problems too. There are centuries of folk lore and years of scientific proof behind it, and more universities are planning more studies. Some studies are focusing on the xanthone, which is proving to be a powerful nutrient. There are about 200 xanthones we are aware of, of which a majority are found in wood, and over 40 found in the mangosteen fruit. (not related to Mango)

Get An Allergy Test Done

If you go for an allergy test you'll be conscious of what to avoid in your diet or what to stay away from. This is obvious but neccesary, and doing that will mark the start of your allergy treatment. There are also a lot of allergens beyond your control so the next step is to improve your natural allergy defense.

A well prescribed allergy treatment will cast off discomfort, suppress the severity and maybe even go as far as eliminate your symptoms. Unfortunately, most medications are a temporary solution and in some cases don't do a proper job. If your allergies are a threat to your life, then you might want to carry an Epi-Pen with you and renew it each year.

In north america our health system is the best in the world in many respects, but ignorant in other areas. Many Doctors will never concede they don't understand your problem and resort to prescriptions because of their training. If they knew of an efficient natural allergy treatment, there's no doubt they would tell you about it.

Something To Think About

With the lengthy list of allergens that could cause your reaction, how effective is an allergy pill when it's just an antihistamine? It makes more sense when a natural allergy treatment is working with your bodies natural defences. Especially when it has anti-inflammitory properties to help with breathing, reduce swelling, hives and itching. It's even better when it's from a good tasting fruit that has a number of vitamins and minerals helping it out.

The natural allergy treatment I'm writing about is found in the Mangosteen fruit. Highly revered for its medicinal qualities, it contains a powerful nutrient called the xanthone. It's a super star on nutrients being closely watched by the scientific community for its healing potential. It's a double bonded molucule with side chains, and each side chain is usefull for specific health problems.

Xanthones; Natures Hero

It's important to know why a double bonded molucule is powerful, especially as an allergy treatment. Xanthones have a skeletal structure (the double bond) and side chains. Each side chain can address a different health issue and once set free to do its work will search for pathogens like viruses and parasites to destroy them. It will also strenghten vital organs by boosting your immune system.

A double bonded molucule is more powerful than an average molucule, not like antioxidants that expire on first contact with a free radical for instance. Because of the skeletal organization, the side chains are anywhere from 20 to 30 times more powerful than antioxidants found in raw vegetables and fruits. The astonshing thing is is how it out performs concentrated extracts like co-enzyme Q10 for instance.

The Easy To Swallow Allergy Treatment

As mangosteen becomes more widely known to local doctors, they are starting to use mangosteen before resorting to medications if a condition persists. The number of Doctors even aware of mangosteen is minimal, but you can tell your own doctor about mangosteen and maybe he will start prescribing it too.

Remember when aloe vera first came out in the late 70's? It quickly became a commonly known name and most homes had an aloe vera plant somewhere for scrapes and cuts. Today you can stroll into most health food stores and see numerous brands of aloe vera sitting on the shelf. Aloe Vera has one xanthone, Mangosteen has 43 and counting!

Mangosteen Facts You'll Want To Know

Along with many nutrients Mangosteen includes, Catechins, Polysaccharides, Stilbenes, Quinones, Vitamins and Minerals, and of course Xanthones. The COX 2 inhibitor properties found in mangosteen work a lot like the drugs Vioxx and Celebrex, but without the dangerous side effects. Xanthones are in every part of the fruit, but the highest concentration is found in the pericarp, which is the rind of the fruit. Remarkably, xanthones were tested against HIV at the University of Singapore. Two xanthones proved able to to interfere with HIV protease, causing the virus to remain immature and incapable of infection.

*** Use Mangosteen To Eliminate Allergies ***

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