Allergy Relief

Allergy is a condition in which the body tends to react due to hypersensitivity to some substance such as food, drugs, drinks, pollution, flowers, and others. An allergen could be anything under the sun that might cause a reaction in one’s body if the body disagrees with that substance. Even a common thing such as sunlight and air might cause sever reactions in some if the skin is susceptible to allergies due to the same.

People suffering from food allergies are many. Although most of these individuals do not have very severe reactions, some might find instant severe reaction to some foods. Most common foods that cause allergies in some people are the nuts, peanuts in general. Milk, soy, corn, and even rice etc., are a few other that might cause allergic reaction with no apparent reason. Some people are allergic to processed foods and other processed products. Although in a small percentage, even chocolate causes reaction in a few people. Food allergies mostly affect the immune system, respiratory and digestive systems, depending on the type of food that has been consumed. Seafood such as fish, prawns, shellfish, jellyfish etc., is another common kind that causes allergies in individuals. The best method to encounter the food allergies is to avoid intake of the kind of food that causes reaction in the individual.

Citrus fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, oranges, and others cause allergic reactions in most people. Itchiness, redness or blotchy face, irritation are common symptoms. Peanut allergy can also be very severe as it might even result in death by just a common contact with a peanut. An allergy test would prove to be very helpful in case of peanuts and even other nuts for that matter as they are most deadly of all allergies.

Flowers are one of the most beautiful parts of nature. However, even these can prove to be dangerous for people who are allergic to pollen formed in certain flowers. Pollen and even certain kinds of weeds and grass often affect respiratory system and cause severe damage. Individuals suffering from sinusitis must get the same under check to avoid further damage to the sinus. Periodic allergic checks can bring forward the exact kind of allergy the individual has and proper treatment can help a lot in the long run. Getting rid of plants with flowers around that individual might also help to a great extent. Of course this is only if the flowers have been detected as the actual cause of the allergy.

Certain drugs might cause adverse reaction to the patient resulting in complications. Irritation, swelling of face and body, breaking out into hives etc., are some of the well noticed symptoms but some drugs might cause internal allergies that take some time to detect and cure. Sulfur is used in most of the drugs that causes adverse reactions in people. The physician must get to know initially if the patient is allergic to any of the drugs before administering the same. Getting an allergy test done at regular intervals is a good choice if suspecting any allergies in the body.

Another common allergic reaction is caused due to metal. Most individuals are allergic to nickel. Even gold and silver cause reactions in some individuals although in a very small percentage. Metals lead to skin allergies. Individuals reacting to metals are liable to break into hives or the skin starts itching along with swelling in that area. Turning red or purple in the area coming in contact with the metal is another common reaction. Avoidance of such metals that cause reactions would be the best choice for individuals suffering from such skin allergies.
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