Sinus Problems, Try a Neti Pot

Sinus Problems, Try a Neti Pot

Sinus problems are the number one cause for people to visit a doctor in the United States. This is quite logical considering the increase of pollution and chemicals in our environment. Our cities are filled with dust, smoke, fuels and chemicals causing us all sorts of nasal congestion and respiratory illnesses. With a neti pot you can clean up your sinuses and improve your ability to breathe freely.

Ironically, the nasal passages that nature has actually created to protect us from illness have become the doorway for most of them. Think of it as your air filter. Well, the neti pot is actually cleaning this filter, allowing it to operate more efficiently, thus helping our bodies remain strong, fit and healthy. The regular use of net pot is very important for your body's defense system helping you to keep it functioning at its peak efficiency and maintaining a healthy, balanced life energy.

The neti pot looks similar to a small teapot with a long, thin neck. It is created in India and widely used as a technique before practicing yoga, because as you know in yoga, deep breathing is an essential part of the practice.

With neti pot you can full much better as it cleans nasal passages of dust, allergens, pollen, and other irritants and it moisturizes and can help reduce inflammation of the membranes. There is no comparison between sniffing some water from the palm of your hand and neti pot. This is because you are actually inserting the tip of the neti pot inside your nostril to allow water to clean out the nasal passage. But do not use plain water, since it can be too irritating to your membranes. Instead fill the neti pot with a saline solution of approximately

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