Breastfeeding to Reduce Allergy Risk

Breastfeeding to Reduce Allergy Risk
amongst children are now becoming more and more prominent with more than just asthma on the scene, parents and teachers are required to be in the 'always prepared for an emergency' mode.

Asthma, Glucose intolerance, Anaphylactic seizures, Diabetes, eczema are just a few of the aliments common to today's child.

What can be done to lessen the risk of your child developing such allergies?

A breastfed baby has an enormous advantage as far as building their immune system. Also with breast milk there is no thick gluginess in the baby's intake that can convert into a phlegm-producing agent when the baby has a slight cold.

Infant Bronchitis is one of the most regular sicknesses for infants that doctors have to deal with in infants. A phlegm build-up from a simple cold develops into bronchitis and then further into Pneumonia. This is a more serious situation that one may first think.

When a baby develops bronchitis during infancy, a change takes place in the respiratory system making it possible for them to contract the same illness repeatedly throughout their early years. It is quite normal for this situation to turn into asthma as the child grows, which is a condition that usually has to be dealt with for life.

Breast milk has water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in just the right amounts for baby. It protects a baby from infectious and chronic diseases and scientists believe that its constitution and, according to Allergy New Zealand, it may also provide protection against allergies.

Start from the start

Usually we are not aware of an allergy that our child may have until they actually have a reaction like a seizure or a rash of some sort. Therefore the most effective solution to protecting our children from the likelihood of developing an allergy would be to help them to create good physical and chemical balance from the time that they are babies. One way is through breastfeeding as discussed earlier and another is through avoiding medication as much as possible during the baby's first year.

By using medications you do not allow the immune system to develop normally by fighting germs on a small scale. By allowing your baby's system to fight the germs on its own, it is encouraged to build the immune up and be able to fight more serious infections or germs alien to the body in a balanced way. Many allergies are simply an over-reaction by the body in attempting to ward off alien chemistry.

Be informed about the new situations that you will be facing as a new parent.

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