First Step to Uproot Allergies: Test and Diagnosis

First Step to Uproot Allergies: Test and Diagnosis
In order to cure the problems of allergies you need to first undergo the process of testing and diagnosis. There are times when you do not even know that you are allergic to a certain thing. Again, it is not necessary that the symptoms of allergies always mean you are suffering from allergy. It is under these circumstances that you need to go through tests in order to diagnose your problem and find a proper remedy for it.

The different tests that are done on a supposedly allergic person help in finding out the substances that he/she is allergic to. It may so happen that you have been witnessing signs of allergy but the test confirms otherwise. This shows that you are not suffering from allergy and may be having a different problem altogether.

There are mainly two ways of testing and diagnosing a person suspected with allergy. Let us now take a peek at these methods.

Skin Test

The scratch test is a test for allergy at the grass root level and is perhaps the most popular allergy test. The substance that is suspected to be an allergen is placed in contact with the skin. After some time the skin on that particular area is scratched. If you are allergic to that specific substance your skin will react to it abnormally within 20 minutes. Injecting the testing substance in the layer just below the skin is a variation of the test.

Blood Test

The blood test done to diagnose allergy is also known as RAST or radioallergosorbent test. In this method the quantity of IgE antibodies in your serum will be found out. If you have eczema or anaphylaxis you will have to under this test, as you cannot under the skin test. Prolonged medication may also require you to do this test. Also, you may not be comfortable with the skin test.

Alternate Method

There is a third type of testing method called the eliminating method. This is generally done in the case of food allergies. Avoiding the specific food items that are suspected to be causing the allergy is the technique used in this eliminating test. This test may also be used for drug allergies.After you have been diagnosed for allergy you should go for a proper treatment.

Home is where we spend most of our time and therefore it is important to keep your house free from allergens that can trigger of an allergic attack. So when you sleep in your bedroom, when you watch television in your living room, when you have food at the dining room or when you are spending time at the garden, make sure that the environment around you are free from allergy causing factors.

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