Now You Can Rid Yourself Of Your Dog Allergy!

Are you a dog owner who suddenly developed an allergy to your pet? How heartbreaking! Unfortunately, it is something you definitely have to deal with. You say that the dog is a member of your family and giving her away is absolutely out of the question. You also decide that you are willing to explore the options, look into allergy elimination, and make the necessary sacrifices so long as you and your pet stay together. You utter a spirited declaration that it is going to take more than a dog allergy to make you part with your pet.

Because your passion is admirable, we would like to provide you with several measures to help you deal with your dog allergy. It has to be said though that keeping away from dogs is the best way to avoid allergic reactions. Having put that out of the way, we now give you the list.

On Your Dog

• Give your dog a bath once or twice weekly.
• To remove allergens from your dog's coat, wash him with plain water or wipe her down with a damp cloth everyday. Even if there's little dander just yet, if it mixes up with pollen or house dust, you're still liable to experience symptoms of dog allergy.
• Brush your dog's coat outside the house everyday. Be extra conscientious about this during shedding season. An allergy-reducing spray applied to your dog after brushing will also help.
• Keep your dog's skin healthy by providing her with the necessary multivitamins and fatty acids.
• Have you dog neutered.

On Your House

• Keep your bedroom dog-free. Close the door and air vents to your room and use an electric heater instead.
• Make sure your dog stays off carpets. Have him spend a lot of time outdoors.
• Vacuum as often as possible.
• In aid of allergy elimination, provide your home with an air cleaner.
• Get rid of carpeting. If this is impractical, steam-clean this frequently along with your upholstered furniture.
• Wash sheets and curtains and change them as often as possible.
• Don't allow your dog to climb on furniture. Wipe down all hard surfaces to remove dander, which is the usual cause of dog allergy.

On Your Body

• Talk to an allergist and discuss your options regarding dog allergy elimination.
• Arm yourself with allergy relief products.
• Avail of allergy shots.
• Always wash your hands after handling your pet or any of her things.

It takes some getting used to, but this does make it possible for you to continue living with your pet. Fortunately, your fondness for your dog will greatly help you grin and bear all the trouble and perhaps even perform a miracle and accomplish dog allergy elimination.

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