Identifying The Causes For Sinus Allergies

By Bill Urell

Do your sinuses get plugged up the minute spring arrives? Do your sinus symptoms come and go with the arrival of different seasons? Do your sinus symptoms seem to increase when you are exposed to mold, dust, or animals? These sinus allergy situations are just a few examples of when sinus allergies can intensify to the point of real discomfort.

Environmental elements such as dust, pollen, and mold seep into your sinuses. Your body perceives these substances as harmful and reacts by producing histamines. These histamines come in the form of itching eyes and an itching, runny nose.

One of the most common sinus allergy afflictions is due to hay fever and ragweed. Hay fever is an allergic reaction to your environment.

A sinus allergy is often confused with a cold. How can you determine if you have a sinus allergy versus a cold? Observe to see whether you have red, itchy eyes and a runny nose along with the congestion. The itching is a sign that you have a sinus allergy as versus a cold.

Another way to figure out if you are suffering from a sinus allergy versus a cold is to ppay attention to what time of the year your congestion isymptoms increase. Does congestion increase in the spring when the flowers (and the weeds), are in full bloom? Does your congestion and itchy increase when there is high pollen activity in the environment? If this is true, then you most likely have a sinus allergy.

Sinus allergies can erupt from pollutants in your household. Always keep your house clean and use an air purifying filter. Mold, dust, and dander can leave you susceptible to sinus allergy flare-ups. How can you minimize the effects of household mold, dust, and dander? A HEPA filter is a great filter to use that will rid your air of any harmful substances.

If you do suffer from sinus allergies then you can find relief by heading to the medicine isles of your grocery store or local drug store. There are plenty of sinus allergy medications to choose from. Become a label reader tp make sure you are getting the most effective and appropriate medication. Some sinus allergy medications are made for the day time and will not make you drowsy. As opposed to Antihistamines that can make you drowsy.

Sinus allergy is a common trial for many people. Take comfort in knowing that sinus relief is available, it is a matter of combining the small steps together to get significant relief. By removing environmental triggers and taking allergy medication you have the best chance of minimizing your sinus allergies.

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